The origins of Pizza Wednesdays date further back than March 2016 when Jake made the declaration that on Wednesdays we eat pizza and sometimes wear pink. For both of us, pizza equals nostalgia.  Strangely enough, both of our earliest pizza memories involve what some might refer to as a grilled cheese pizza sandwich and in pinch, quickly made in the microwave.  We spent hours reading to get our free personal pizzas at Pizza Hut when people actually ate in the restaurant, and birthdays at Happy Joe’s Pizza, which would put Chuck E Cheese to shame.  Fast forward to our wedding, and there was no room service ordered but instead a call to Pizza Patrol in Fargo to order the holy grail i.e. pepperoni with green olives.  Making our own pizza began in Philly when we were developing our fairly limited cooking skills and trying to cut our spending on eating out. What we discovered was a new way to be creative and to share that together as well as with our friends who were willing to be our guests and guinea pigs.  As Jake says, whether simple or The Art of French Cooking complicated, if it’s made with love it usually tastes good, except for those mussels he made once.  After a few weeks in a row of making pizza last year, Jake declared that Wednesdays should be Pizza Wednesdays.  It became a way to celebrate the big moments in life and also the little joys like making it to the weekend, or in our case now making it to hump day. The day we brought our son home from the hospital just happened to be a Wednesday and we made a pizza to keep the tradition alive, not to mention the pizza that we had hours after W arrived. So needless to say, we love pizza, because who doesn’t? Really, who are you?? Our pizzas are inspired by so many things from places we’ve been, favorite meals, new recipes, and honestly sometimes leftovers. However, we make them our own and hope you enjoy along the way.